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Veronis Lagogiannis Naxos Real Estate in Greece.

For over 25 years, Veronis Lagogiannis Naxos Real Estate has been a cornerstone of the property market on the enchanting island of Naxos, Greece. Founded and expertly led by Mr. Veronis Giorgos and Mr. Lagogiannis Manolis, our company stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of real estate. With their unparalleled experience and a steadfast commitment to professionalism, integrity, and transparency, they have earned an illustrious reputation across Naxos’ real estate landscape.

At Veronis Lagogiannis Naxos Real Estate, we believe in the power of a comprehensive approach. Our team is comprised of dedicated real estate professionals who are not just adept at navigating the intricacies of buying, and investing in properties but are also equipped with the knowledge and skills in agency services, building surveying, and financial advisory. This multidisciplinary expertise ensures that we cater to every aspect of your property needs with precision and efficiency.

Our mission is to empower our clients with insightful, professional advice that not only maximizes their savings and returns but also aligns with their personal and investment goals. We pride ourselves on our proactive approach to the property market, continuously seeking out the best opportunities and transactions for our clients. Our intimate understanding of the market dynamics, combined with our extensive network, allows us to offer unparalleled service and achieve optimal outcomes for those we serve.

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Our Clients Trust Us and So Should You

Julie Hyde
February 17, 2024

I have just sold my house through Veronis Lagoyiannis and the support and service I received was faultless. it was quite a complicated process but Manolis and his team were always on hand. Very professional. Thank you!

Steffen Ryll
February 7, 2024

Naxos quickly became one of my favorite spots in all of Greece. Thanks to Veronis Lagogiannis Naxos Real Estate, I’m now proud to call a small apartment here my holiday home. Being a first time home buyer, they guided me through the process and ensured there were no open questions or uncertainties. That continued when I arrived back for the first time: The key was waiting for me and utilities had already been transferred to my name. Special thanks to Elena, who helped me with anything I needed to get set up — from insurance and internet to finding keys from the previous owner. She made it super easy for me to navigate the way things work here. I highly recommend Veronis Lagogiannis should you ever consider getting yourself a piece of Naxos.

Mina Kavcar
February 5, 2024

We had been in touch with Manolis over the course of more than a year to find the perfect house. Finally he found us exactly what we had been looking for. Manolis was always very responsive, even when I asked him a million questions. He’s a great resource, exceptionally professional, and extremely helpful. He’s from Naxos and knows the ins and outs of the island. His feedback and advice is spot on and he guided us according to the preferences we outlined. Couldn’t have done it without him! Thanks a million!

Hubert Brody
February 1, 2024

From a previous visit to Naxos, my wife and I remembered Naxos as a more tranquil, rural island and we decided to look for a small house, where we can spend parts of our Southern Winter. We followed up on the website of Veronis Lagogiannis, and e mailed them about certain of the properties. Manolis Lagogiannis responded, and gave us very good information. We then visited Naxos, to see some properties. Manolis first explained to us more about the island, and his terms, whereafter he showed us properties, in line with our needs. We have now bought a house through Manolis, and it is currently being completed. Overall the service from Manolis was very professional and personal and we are very happy to recommend Veronis Lagogiannis to prospective home buyers on the island. Hubert and Larisa

Mika P
August 10, 2023

Manolis Lagogiannis is the best real estate agent in Naxos. He is definitely very reliable, helpful, honest, friendly and a great professional. So, we can always feel comfortable that our concerns and needs are being taken seriously to his attention, care and genuine interest. He is absolutely an expert being knowledgeable and well-informed with much experience. He has the ability to navigate through a complex set of issues and problems to find a sufficient solution and a quick decision with calm and patience. He is always avaliable and responsible giving prompt and accurate response through various communication forms. He is doing more than what is expected with thorough and detail oriented. Furthermore, Helena is very supportive supplementing the customer satisfaction in this agency. Thank you so much!!!!!

Sailing Takitezy
June 16, 2023

From the moment we decided to buy in Greece, Manolis looked after us all the way. We did this from Australia and this was so helpful to have personal video tours etc for the properties we considered. Once we decided to go ahead, everything was easy and very well handled. Highly recommended realestate team! Thankyou.

Romaine Abbet
June 15, 2023

Nous venons de vendre notre maison de Plaka par l'intermédiaire de Manolis et de son équipe. Un grand merci à eux pour leur aide et soutien durant tout le processus. Nous ne pouvons que recommander cette agence dont le professionnalisme n'est plus à démontrer.

Competenze, disponibilità, cordialità sono le caratteristiche di Manolis e Eleni del Real Estate VERONIS LAGOGIANNIS che ci hanno supportato efficacemente nella vendita della nostra casa superando le non poche difficoltà che si incontrano in Grecia (burocrazia pubblica e banche). Consigliamo vivamente a tutti coloro che vogliono comprare o vendere una casa a Naxos di avvelersi della loro collaborazione. Ancora un sincero ringraziamento a loro. Luciano Grazia Nocciolini

irene tzanakaki
April 1, 2023

The best real estate in Naxos. ! They have the ability to support you on what you are looking for. ! Sell or buy . The refficiency is an extra ordinary. Thanks for everything.

Robin White
February 3, 2023

Manolis and Elena handled our property sale very efficiently from start to finish. It was very reassuring to have any queries answered promptly. We were delighted with the service and can recommend Veronis Lagogiannis Naxos Real Estate to everyone.

Natasa Kovac-Stojanovic
February 2, 2023

My husband and I first visited Naxos seven years ago, and it is beautiful island, vibrant, with rich culture, Vdnetian castles and long sandy beaches, very nice chora, town with old part as:well asxmodsrn part of town, full of life, day and night. Last year I've got some inheritance and decided to buy small propefty/ apartment in Naxos. I've gried via many agencies, so, in October 2022 my husband and I went to Naxos and owner of the apartment we sgayes, same owner from seven years ago, because we were very satisfied with their hospitality, Mr Gerontakis recommended Veronis agency as good and reliable. So, next day we sent there, to agency, in the center of chora, and first impression was vsry good. They were very helpful, we told them to show us propertids for our available budget. They showed us catogue with properties with detailed descriptions and pictures, and they also had some vsry usefull suggestions, etc. We felt very comfoftable and welcomed, atmosphere was friendly and relaxed. We decided to see one property in Kastraki, very nice part of Naxos, surrounded by sandy beaches , apartment close to the sea. Eleni, member of the agency staff was already on the spot, before ud, she showed ud apartment, extremly polite and friendly girl/ employee, she answerd very patiently all our questions about everything, regarding apartment, public transport, beaches, every corner of the apartment, we took our time, not being hurried , we looked around, and finally:, we decided to buy the apartment. Mr Manolis from the Agency contacted us the same evening regarding some details, and our lawyers in Naxos, everything was done promptly, professionally, quickly, during our stay there. It is very nice feeling when you have friendly support from real estate agency, because buying property is serious and sometimrs stressful per ce, so what I want to emphasize that I recommend warmly Veronis lagogiannis agency if you want to buy property on Naxos, you will be welcomed by them, and provided with all necessary information and services, all that with kind , patient and ffiendly staff. We have very nice memories from October, and these days we finalized buying apartment in Kastraki, with warm congrats and words from Veronis agency. So, we are looking forward to going to naxos in the esrly summer, and meet these nice people from the Veronis Agency again😊🌷

Καλησπέρα σας! Μετά από 2 χρόνια ταλαιπωρίας κ επισκέψεις σε διάφορους μεσίτες κ βιώνοντας την πιο δύσκολη περίοδο της ζωής μου μίλησα τηλεφωνικά με τον κύριο Λαγογιάννη τί να πω γ αυτόν τον άνθρωπο..η ηρεμία του , η σοβαρότητα του κ η σταθερότητα του λόγου του ήταν αυτά που μ έκαναν να τον εμπιστευτώ..καταρχάς μου μίλησε για το χρονικό όριο πώλησης που κανένας ποτέ δεν ανέφερε..το οικόπεδο μας πουλήθηκε μέσα σε 2,5 μήνες ενώ προσπαθούσα χρόνια κ δεν το πιστεύω ακόμη..μου ήταν δύσκολο να μιλάω με μηχανικό λογιστή συμβολαιογράφο ώστε να συγκεντρώσω όλα τα έγγραφα ώστε να φτάσουμε στο συμβόλαιο..κ όμως με την ηρεμία του κ υπομονή του τα κατάφερα..η Ελενα ευγενέστατη κ πρόσχαρη οπως επίσης κ η συμβολαιογράφος καταπληκτικές..δεν έχω κανένα λόγο κ συμφέρον να πείσω κανέναν..γράφω όλα αυτά για να τους ευχαριστήσω δημόσια για το πόσο μου άλλαξαν τη ζωή κ τη βοήθεια που μου έδωσαν χωρις καν να τη ζητήσω..μου έκαναν πολύ μεγάλο καλό οπότε το μόνο που μπορώ να πω να τους έχει ο Θεός καλά κ να τους προσέχει! Σας ευχαριστώ!

Tim Charles Ottersen
October 26, 2022

I highly recommend Mr. Veronis Lagogiannis. He is very professional and honest. He helps you through the entire process, whether you are buying or selling, in a very professional manner. Our case was extremely complicated, but Mr. Manolis was patient and even helped us with things that were not his responsibility.

Elizabeth McCorkle
September 2, 2022

Highly recommend! Working with Manolis was a very positive experience. Over the course of more than a year, he was always knowledgeable, professional, and patient. He was easy to communicate with and responded quickly to all our questions. He listened to us about what we wanted and ultimately, he found the perfect property for us on Naxos! I give Manolis and his team the highest recommendation. They are the best!

El Gr
September 1, 2022

Τρομερά αγενής και απαξιωτική συμπεριφορά σε πελάτες που θέλουν να δώσουν τα λεφτά τους. Προφανώς κάποιοι πελάτες, μετράνε περισσότερο για τον αγενή νεαρό που κάνει τον μεσίτη και έχει άγνοια από μάρκετινγκ και επικοινωνία. Ντροπή για την αντιεπαγγελματικη συμπεριφορά.

June 14, 2022

Excellent service and professionalism.

Bettina B
June 13, 2022

Ein Haus zu kaufen, macht man nicht jeden Tag – und wir hatten dabei doppeltes Glück: Erst bei Veronis Lagogiannis unser Traumhaus zu finden und dann für die ganze Abwicklung Manolis Lagogiannis an unserer Seite zu haben. Er steuerte den kompletten Prozess, stand immer mit wertvollem Rat zur Seite und hielt alles von Anfang bis Ende zusammen. Manolis Lagogiannis war jederzeit für uns erreichbar und immer äußert kompetent, professionell und verlässlich - und überdies ein wirklich sympathischer und freundlicher Partner. Wir haben uns stets sehr gut beraten und bestens aufgehoben gefühlt. Wir sind Manolis Lagogiannis sehr dankbar für seinen großen Einsatz und sehr glücklich über unser Haus. Wir können Manolis Lagogiannis uneingeschränkt allen empfehlen, die auf Naxos ein zweites Zuhause suchen.

Enrica Micelli
May 28, 2022

L’agenzia Veronis Lagojannis gestita dal signor Manolis è davvero consigliata per l’acquisto o la vendita di una casa a Naxos: ti seguono passo passo in tutte le fasi e ti aiutano a risolvere problemi di qualsiasi genere. Cortesia, velocità, efficienza: questo potrebbe essere il loro motto!

Masoud Alavi
May 11, 2022

I came to Naxos Island in 2021 to purchase a home and was fortunate to have Veronis Lagogiannis real estate agency recommended to me. I happened to like and select a property that had some complex issues and Mr Manolis and his staff worked hard and diligently throughout the process with the out most patience and professionalism. I can not thank them enough for their generous accommodations and kindness. I am grateful to Mr Manolis and Elena the office manager who is truly an angel. I highly and strongly recommend them. Many thanks, Masoud Alavi

Stephane Mosimann
October 20, 2021

Deuxième achat avec l'agence de Manolis. Pas déçu ☺️

Jörn D.
August 1, 2021

Buying a house in Greece certainly can be an adventure – especially when you are living abroad, you are not a native speaker and you do not have in-depth knowledge on the market and the local regulations. Therefore, one of the most important things is having an experienced, knowledgeable and professional partner you can fully trust and rely on. With Manolis Lagogiannis, we exactly found this kind of partner. From the beginning, Manolis´ support was nothing but great: he took his time to really understand what we were looking after and then presented a couple of perfectly matching objects. His knowledge and advice in discussing the different options was priceless. And most importantly: with his help we found our perfect holiday home. Manolis managed the entire purchasing process in a way that made things really easy for us. We always felt well informed and had the certainty that everything was under control. Everything worked out really smoothly. And last but not least: Manolis Lagogiannis is – next to all of his professional skills - a very kind person and it is always a pleasure to deal with him. All in all, I can highly recommend the services of the Veronis Lagogiannis Real Estste agency to anybody who is seriously interested in purchasing (or selling) property on Naxos.

Manolis has helped us selling our house at Plaka. We have been informed about new possible buyers all the way. We are very happy with the work he has been doing for us and we can reccomend Veronis Lagogiannis Naxos Real estate.

Marco Van der elst
June 22, 2021

We ( Dutch people ) have been helped a lot by buying our house on Naxos. The contact with Manolis is easy, reliable and fast. We can highly recommend this office. They are the best.

Eva Damaskinou
May 6, 2021

Real professionals

Frederic Boucher
April 26, 2021

Monsieur Manolis Lagogiannis vous accompagne tout au long du processus d'acquisition (qui peut être long et compliqué en Grèce), en répondant avec rapidité à toutes vos questions et en vous expliquant les différentes phases. Il peut vous orienter vers les intermédiaires nécessaires à la réalisation de la transaction. Manolis Lagogiannis et son équipe vous accompagnent également pour faciliter votre installation. Je ne peux que le remercier pour l'aide apportée et le suivi sans faille en vue du succès de cette acquisition.

Επαγγελματισμός! Γνώση στο αντικείμενο! Ενδιαφέρον για τον πελάτη! Η συνεργασία μου με το γραφείο ήταν άψογη και σαφώς θα συνεχιστεί! Προτείνεται ανεπιφύλακτα!!

Cristina Luiggi
February 15, 2021

Manolis helped us purchase our dream vacation house just 70m from the beach. We are so grateful for his help and cannot wait to start spending our summers in the beautiful island of Naxos. Thanks a million Manolis! I cannot recommend this real estate agency enough!

Juergen Splieth
August 20, 2020

Wir sind von Herrn Manolis Lagogiannis betreut worden. Er hat sich sehr viel Zeit für uns genommen und uns in allen Belangen unterstützt, Kontakte hergestellt, übersetzt und geholfen. Er war stets erreichbar, geduldig und sehr freundlich. Die Abrechnung war genau wie anfangs vereinbart und fair.

Nous venons d'acheter une maison à naxos, et grâce à cette agence, le rêve de ma mère a se réaliser, dès le premier rendez-vous, nous avons pu contacter le professionnalisme de Monsieur Lagogiannis qui nous a aidé pas à pas tout au long du processus. Réactif,.chaleureux, patient et attentif, je ne peux que chaudement recommander cette agence immobilière si vous souhaiter acquérir un bien sûr cette île. Merci.

Jarmo Harno
October 22, 2019

Manolis Lagogiannis gave us very good service when doing our search for vacation home. He was extremely helpful all the time in every question we had until the good solution in the end.

Eric Daguet
September 18, 2019

I warmly recommend the service of Manolis and the Veronis Lagogiannis Naxos Real Estate team. We have recently bought a beautiful house in Mikri Vigla in Naxos, two steps from the kite surfing beach where we have our habits for over 15 years. All along the buying process, we have really appreciated his professionalism, his discretion, his perfect knowledge of this local market for hunting the right property. he’s always willing to help and to put you in touch with the rights person and very customer oriented.

Naxian Forager
August 26, 2019


Irene Krassas
March 6, 2019

Great service Mr. Lagogiannis (the realtor) is very professional, sincere and has great knowledge about property investments in Naxos.

Professionals in real estate,you should visit them and you will find what you are looking for.!

Leslie Moulès
February 1, 2019

As a foreigner, I was afraid to be lost but in this agency they are very helpful and nice. They helped me with all the process and the papers. I strongly recommend.

Vittorino Semenzato
January 8, 2019

Ci siamo recati in agenzia molti anni fa per qualche consiglio su acquisti di immobili, non abbiamo acquistato, ma seguo sempre con interesse il vostro sito che ora è migliorato, non sia mai che trovo la mia casa ideale.

loukas s
December 29, 2018

Dear Manolis and Veronis Lagogiannis Team, first of all we would like to thank personally Sir Manolis Lagogiannis for all of his support, politness and his willness to find the right apartment for us. We found the best possible sollution to our needs with his guideness and he has the solution for every obstacle! We are really thrilled with the quality and design of the apartment and that we had to do with professionals and reliable persons. Thank you so much for everything and see you next time in Naxos! Skopas Family Lieber Manolis und Veronis Lagogiannis Team, wir moechten uns bei euch ganz herzlich bedanken fuer unsere Traumwohnung auf Naxos zu finden. Manolis hat in unseren Bedurfnissen genial angepasst und mit seiner Unterstetzung, Zuverlaessigkeit und Lösungsorientierung haben wir das passende zu uns Objekt gefunden. Probleme und Buerokratie gab es keine und der ganze Prozess war"s total unkompliziert. Die Qualitaet und Design des Objektes sind extra Klasse und wir haben uns gefreut mit solchen Menschen zusammenzuarbeiten. Nochmal vielen Dank fuer alles und sicher bis bald! Familie Skopas

Willem Marsman
December 20, 2018

Manolis helped us purchase an apartment on Naxos in October 2018 and it was a great experience. He helped us navigate the complex purchase procedure in Greece, set us up with an insurance agent, lawyer and notary and was always there to help and advice. I would definitely recommend this company......

December 11, 2018

I highly recommend Veronis - Lagogiannis Naxos Real Estate. In the past three years, I experienced two transactions with the agency. Mr. Manolis Lagogiannis first sold my apartment/condo, then shortly thereafter, found for me and handled the purchase of a house in a neighboring village. In both cases, the results were excellent and the process went smoothly. Furthermore, it’s a pleasure to work with Mr. Lagogiannis. He’s professional, smart, honest, and a real gentleman. His communication and language skills are clear and to the point. I can’t imagine another agent who knows the Naxos real estate market as well as him. He offered excellent ideas and vision regarding layout and renovation, which I implemented. He’s definitely experienced and knowledgeable. So, whether one is selling a property, or seriously interested in making a purchase, VΛ Naxos RE is in my opinion, the agency of choice.

Lena K
November 17, 2018

I would like to thank Manoli for its excellent work and professionalism! He is absolutely trustworthy, very dedicated, a great guide and a great partner! Throughout the buying phase, Manoli did all the necessary administrative work, notary, sales contract, etc., very professionally and had always kept me up to date, even sent me pictures of the signing of the contract. The communication was impressive! If you want to buy a property on Naxos, you should contact Veronis Lagogiannis Naxos Real Estate right away and not waste valuable time searching and comparing other offices! I highly recommend this office! Thanks again for everything Manoli

Anastasia Mitropoulou
September 16, 2018

We were quite impressed about the high professionalism of Mr. Lagogiannis. He was informing us of any new market inputs that were close to our preferences and therefore we manage to find the house of our dreams. During the process of the contract he was arranging all the paperworks and we saved a lot of time. We definitely recommend his office!

jasper jansen
September 10, 2018

Indien u op Naxos vastgoed wilt kopen, kunnen we u Manolis Lagogiannis zonder enige twijfel als makelaar aanbevelen. Manolis kent het eiland en de griekse wetgeving. Hij is absoluut te vertrouwen en onze communicatie verliep (en verloopt nog steeds) perfect. Manolis zorgde voor een vlekkeloze afwikkeling van de transactie (inkl. rompslomp zoals bankrekeningen, tax office, boekhouder, enz.). De eerste keer dat ik zonder wrange nasmaak makelaarskosten betaalde 😉

G Master
May 14, 2018


romain trouble
April 2, 2018

If you look for a simple and very reliable agent, do not hesitate to contact Manolis. He is young, motivated and is giving a lot for the happiness of his customers. Go ahead !

Sissel Yrkje
March 2, 2018

We have travelled to Naxos Island from 2005. Summer 2017 we contacted Naxos Real Estate and Manoli to ask for a summerresidence at this beautiful island. The service was excellent and he showed us several nice apartments. And we found our dream-apartment quite quickly with Manolis help. We can recommend Naxos Real Estate at Naxos hora. Thank you to Manoli 🙂 Regards from Jardar Gaard and Sissel Yrkje,Norway.

Yasmin Sanchez
February 12, 2018

Manolis è riuscito a realizzare il mio sogno! Non solo si è rivelato un vero professionista ma anche una persona veramente sensibile nel capire le mie esigenze. Non finirò mai di ringraziarlo!

Eyvind Hybertsen
February 7, 2018

Thank you again. You have done a real good job for us from the moment we contacted you in October 2017 hoping you could sell our flat in Glyfada on Naxos. You were effective and presise, and you connected us to necessary people within short time in the prosess. And after only few weeks you had a potential buyer, and through us you could give him the answers he needed. I feel you had proper negotiations with him to the best for us, and in the turn of the year had sold the flat to a good price for us. We are indeed very satisfied with what you have done, and we will positively recommend you. Hoping to meet you again, maybe in the middle of April. Regards from Rita and Eyvind Hybertsen from Norway.

Michaela Braunsteiner
February 7, 2018

Vor einem Jahr haben wir unsere Immobilie über Veronis Lagogiannis Naxos Real Estate gefunden, und dann ging es los mit Verhandlungen, Kaufgesprächen, Behördengängen, usw.! Manolis war während der gesamten Zeit eine unverzichtbare Stütze, und wann immer wir Hilfe brauchten, stand er mit Rat und Tat zur Seite, stets sehr professionell, immer höflich und sehr zuvorkommend. Er hatte immer gute Ideen und Ratschläge. Manolis ist ein verlässlicher und kompetenter Partner in allen Situationen, und wir empfehlen seine Agentur jedem weiter, der sich auf Naxos eine Immobilie kaufen möchte. Auch nach der Fertigstellung hielten wir den Kontakt, und es ist uns jedes Mal eine Freude ihn auf unserer Trauminsel zu treffen.

Carmen N
January 16, 2018

Manolis Lagogiannis as he demonstrated an energy and passion for selling properties. He is efficient, courteous and professional in all matters relating to the marketing and sale of properties with an excellent result. I am very happy to recommend him he also provided excellent service and support. Good Luck for the future and who knows why might cooparate again. Best Regards, Marie Nadjarian

Achilles Fokiades
January 16, 2018

We have been looking for a vacation home in Naxos for years. Naxos Real Estate made our dream a reality. Not only this agency showcases the best properties in Naxos but Manolis Lagogiannis is a very competent professional who listens, understands and accomodates the client always with success. Our experience with him and his office was a pleasure and his support in all aspects of the transaction was valuable. Thank you Naxos Real Estate and thank you Manolis!

Peter Ruhland
January 15, 2018

Das Maklerbüro Veronis Lagogiannis arbeitet professionell und sehr vertrauenswürdig. Die Kommunikation ist ausgezeichnet und Probleme im Detail werden effektiv und schnell gelöst. Dieses seriöse und kompetente Büro mit seinen freundlichen Mitarbeitern kann uneingeschränkt weiterempfohlen werden

Dora Kroustali
January 6, 2018

Bρήκαμε τον μικρό μας παράδεισο σε ένα υπέροχο μέρος στον Ορκό της Νάξου μέσω του Veronis, Manolis Lagogiannis Naxos Real Estate. Ο Μανώλης μας βοήθησε να αγοράσουμε δυο στούντιο σε ένα συγκρότημα και του είμαστε ευγνώμονες γι’αυτή την αγορά στο νησί που αγαπάμε. Ο Μανώλης ήταν δίπλα μας σε όλη την διαδικασία , πρόθυμος να μας εξυπηρετήσει ακόμα και για θέματα πέραν των στενών επαγγελματικών του υποχρεώσεων. Απο την αρχή κέρδισε την εμπιστοσύνη μας και την εκτίμησή μας. Ο Μανώλης δεν τρέχει απλά μια επιχείρηση είναι η ψυχή αυτής και για μας ο καλός μας φίλος. We found our little paradise in a magnificent place on Orkos Naxos. through Veronis Manolis Lagogiannis Naxos Real Estate. Manolis helped us buy two studios in a complex and we are grateful to him for this purchase on the island we love. Manolis was next to us in the whole process. willing to serve us even for issues beyond his close professional obligations. From the beginning he gained our confidence and appreciation. Manolis does not just run a business ,he is her soul and for us a good friend.

Sakis Lazaridis
January 5, 2018

Και στα δύο στούντιο που αγοράσαμε στο Νησί μέσω της κτηματομεσιτικής εταιρείας του Μανώλη,ο Μανώλης ήταν ο απόλυτος συνεργάτης μας. Έφερε σε πέρας ταχύτατα όλες τις διαδικασίες που χρειάστηκαν, και φυσικά φιλικός, ευγενής και εξυπηρετικός. Άνθρωπος εμπιστοσύνης. Ο φίλος μας στο Νησί. In both studios we bought in the Island through Manolis real estate company, Manolis was our absolute partner. He quickly accomplished all the procedures needed, and of course friendly, noble and helpful. A man of trust. Our friend on the Island !!!

Prof. fabrizio rosati
January 4, 2018

Naxos Real Estate mi ha aiutato a realizzare un mio sogno che avevo da sempre. In particolare Manolis ma anche il resto dello staff, mi ha seguito passo passo nella trattativa col venditore e non manca di fornirmi consigli preziosi anche ora che la casa è diventata mia. Fantastici!

Pierre Sinodinos
December 27, 2017

Nous avons acheté en 2017 et grâce à Manolis et son équipe tout s'est bien déroulé. Tous les petits problèmes ont été levés pour que le rêve se réalise. Merci

Mike leurs
December 23, 2017

What a pleasure! The best experience ever with buying a property, even in our own country! Manolis accompanied us on every step of the purchase, introducing us to a very professional and capable lawyer, notary and accountant, to deal with all of the aspects of purchasing in a foreign country; even accompanying us to the tax department to apply for tax numbers, ( this would have been almost impossible and extremely frustrating, if we had to do this on our own! ) Manolis speaks very good English which helped us to understand exactly, the procedures, contracts and the laws; in all our dealings he was honest, sincere, helpful and typified the Naxian culture. I highly recommend Manolis if you are looking to purchase a property.

Svante Pohl
December 23, 2017

After having fallen in love with Naxos many years ago, we struck luck, both with our new Greek home and Manolis Lagogiannis! We felt extremely well taken care of during the intitial procedures of the purchase, with all different kinds of documentation. To put it simple, do as Manolis says and you will be fine:)) Now we are happy owners of a nice little apartment in the old town. We recommend Veronis Lagogiannis with all our hearts. Svante & Pia, Stockholm, Sweden

Artemios Miropoulos
December 21, 2017

Friendly, efficient, quick and most of all a trusted advisor, this is what I got from Manolis Lagogiannis of Veronis Lagogiannis when in 2015 he managed for us a very complex purchase of a villa. When Manolis talks of a bargain you have to pay attention, the same when he guides you though the process of the relation with the seller or the legal and financial documentation. It was a great and warm experience. I highly recommend Manolis of Veronis Lagogiannis,

Susanne Künsch
December 20, 2017

Beim Kauf einer Immobilie in einem fremden Land braucht es einen verlässlichen Partner, dem man vertrauen kann. Als wir 2015 eine Immobilie durch Veronis Lagogiannis Naxos Real Estate gekauft haben, war Manolis der Fels in der Brandung, der auf jede Frage eine brauchbare Antwort hatte und zu jedem Problem eine Lösung. Wir waren sehr froh um seine engagierte Unterstützung und Begleitung während und nach dem Kaufprozedere. Wir können ihn nur wärmstens weiterempfehlen.

Eve Nicolau-Leurs
December 19, 2017

We are all the way from Cape Town, S.Africa. Four years ago we decided to buy property in Naxos.The best thing that could have happened to us was dealing with Veronis Lagogiannis Naxos Real Estate Agency. We received the most efficient, friendly & professional service from the agent Manolis Lagogiannis, and the rest is history. What would have been a lengthy process was made very easy & effortless. A HIGH recommendation on my list if you are looking to buy property.

Alessandro Trambusti
December 18, 2017

Nella suggestiva isola di Naxos abbiamo trovato un punto di riferimento sicuro nella persona di Manolis e della sua agenzia immobiliare. Prima nel trovare la casa che abbiamo acquistato, della quale siamo contentissimi, poi nell'assistenza che abbiamo avuto durante l'acquisto e, infine, nella grande cortesia e disponibilità che ci è stata dimostrata per tutte le necessità che abbiamo avuto anche in seguito. Ci sentiamo di consigliare a chi avesse il desiderio di comprare casa a Naxos di passare a trovare Manolis nell'agenzia Naxos Real Estate. Anche per ulteriori esperienze, confermiamo il nostro più che positivo giudizio. Alessandro e Daniela

Olivier Guichard
December 18, 2017

Nous avons acheté notre appartement à Naxos par l'intermédiaire de l'agence Veronis Lagogiannis. Nous avons été très bien conseillés et aidés dans nos démarches administratives par Manolis et son équipe. Très réactif, Manolis nous a toujours tenu informé par mail à chaque étape ce qui nous a rassuré et donné totalement confiance pour cette transaction. Nous le remercions chaleureusement et recommandons son agence.

Martyn Golesworthy
December 18, 2017

Having always had a love for the wonderful island of Naxos we were married there in 2006 meaning it was an easy decision to choose the island for our holiday home. Having initially made contact with Veronis Lagogiannis Naxos Real Estate via email their replies were always prompt, helpful, informative and encouraging. When we finally selected our property the help and advice which we received from Manolis and his team was absolutely first class – they are very friendly and keen to provide all the help new property owners will need in Naxos both as part of the purchase procedure and after completion. Being a small island it is often that we now bump into Manolis in the Chora – always a pleasure to meet up with him! We are very pleased to strongly recommend Manolis and Veronis Lagogiannis Naxos Real Estate for any property needs on Naxos.

Amanda Ellis
December 18, 2017

We have just bought an apartment in Naxos through Veronis Lagogiannis. We received detailed emailed answers to all our queries from Manolis before we left home and found the perfect apartment on the first day that he showed us around the available properties. Since then he kept us informed via email every step of the transfer process. We can recommend this company highly.

john sp
December 17, 2017

Great office! They work fast, they are very trustful and very helpful with anything we needed!

stancho dimov
June 20, 2015

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